Quote for Blog - 060616There are many reasons people get confused about prayer, but the main reason is they’ve never been a disciple, i.e. shown how to pray. If we obeyed the Great Commission and taught believers to follow Jesus’ teaching everyone would know how to pray, because He taught us how to pray!

Making disciples requires modeling. This is when a more experienced person allows you to observe them as they apply a particular truth. Instead of modeling we have “ought to” preaching. We are told we “ought” to pray, but we aren’t shown how to pray. In my series, New Covenant Prayer, I won’t tell you what you “ought” to do; I’ll tell you what Jesus taught and how to do it.

The Bible tells us to be followers of those who, by faith and patience, inherit the promises. In order to be a follower I have to be an observer. I can’t follow someone I never observe. I may follow their teaching but that isn’t the same as following them. In fact, the teaching that often inspires is the least scriptural. In the Book of Acts we see that many preferred Apollos’ teaching over Paul’s – not because it was better but because he was a better speaker. Acts tells us that Apollos, although he taught the way of the Lord accurately, only knew of the baptism of John. In other words, he wasn’t saved or baptized in the Holy Spirit! The better orator may not be the most godly.

You may never find anyone to model truth for you, but you can do it for others. Jesus had a simple process for discipling: model it and answer questions. Observe them doing it and answer questions. Send them out to do it and train someone in the process. You can be the end to someone’s struggle by allowing them to follow you as you follow Christ.

Join me this week in CyberChurch as I share about, Effective, Fervent Prayer. This will be the beginning of a vibrant prayer life for you and those you influence!