Quote for Blog 10Everything in life is made up of complex parts that we have broken down into very simple, repetitive steps and decisions. Even unhappiness and failure is based on information we learned, accepted, memorized and, at some point, chose as reality.

It is harder to learn to fail than it is to learn to succeed. The only thing that makes success and happiness so difficult is we have our ego invested in life as we’ve known it. We do not want to accept our responsibility in making decisions. But the moment we make a serious, intentional decision everything in us starts changing to make us capable of living the new decision.

One of the first things we should do to actuate our decision to live in God’s life and blessings is to write out every detail of what that would look and feel like. Just get into a prayerful or meditative state and write out every aspect of how you would feel living in God’s best. Write what you would be doing and all the ways you would enjoy and benefit from this new quality of life. In my series, The Supernatural Power of Making Decisions, I will walk you through every aspect of this.

Even though you won’t be able to recall this list of details with your conscious mind, every time you allow yourself to go into that zone it will all come back to you; you will experience it as your reality! As this becomes a belief your heart will then guide you into the decisions and supplemental choices that will support this decision.

making decisions CDJoin me this week in CyberChurch as I help you take your first steps into choosing and living God’s life and blessings!