Most of our beliefs about the devil are absolutely not true.Sadly, most of our ideas about the devil come from three sources: Religious superstition, occult lies passed down for generations, and a strange mix of Old and New Testament Scriptures that (taken out of context) totally ignore the cross of Christ! Most of our beliefs about the devil are absolutely not true.

He is not nearly as powerful as God; after all, he is a created being and God is the Creator. He is not omniscient; in fact, he has none of the characteristics of God. He can’t read your mind. Repeatedly in the Bible sorcerers and diviners were shown as incapable of reading people’s minds. The list could go on for pages. The most important lie we believe about the devil is that he can, in any way, gain authority over you, the believer.

Tradition, folklore, superstition and occult lies have held us in fear. That fear is actually the power limiting us, but we think it is the devil’s power. JOIN ME this week and begin to break the limiting power of fear of the devil!

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