Do you want aging to be a constant degeneration, a lessening of your quality of life until your body is no longer fit to be inhabited and you die? Or do you want to live until you die? Do you want to struggle with weight the rest of your life, or do you want to reprogram your body to function as it should? Do you want to struggle with energy everyday, or do you want to be robust, energetic and full of life? Do you want your current sicknesses to get worse or get better?

We are not passive victims here with no control over the situation. We can make new choices and when provided  with the proper tools we can turn almost any area of our health, weight and energy in a new direction! How my life started, is not how my life has gone.

Those who know me would never see me as sickly, feeble, or non-energetic, but quite the opposite! I can put in a full days work and still have energy to have fun when I go home. I still study and do hours of research every week, in addition to all my ministry responsibilities. People who don’t know my past say, “Well you’re just one of those people who are naturally high energy.” Well think again!