Good health is a promise from God. For me, it is one of the most exciting promises of God. I was not born healthy. For me health, energy and weight control has been something that I had to discover and develop. Most of my life I was probably a borderline diabetic. I had a congenital kidney disorder. My immune function was compromised, which meant I seemed to contract nearly every sickness that passed by.

All my life I struggled with energy. As a child I had trouble focusing. In my midtwenties my weight exploded and my mid-section  ballooned from a 32 inch to a thirty-eight inch waste line. Although I did a great job at keeping my weight under control, I still struggled with it much of my adult life. I know that our capacity to serve God, live our dreams and enjoy life is directly related to our health and energy. The quality of our lives will never rise very far above our energy level. The difference between raising our children and watching them grow as we lay on the couch is simply how much energy we have.

We live in a society that is overworked, overstressed, nutritionally starved and forced to set idealistic goals that simply add to the pressure. The prime target for chronic fatigue is the young mother who has a child, is trying to work out to stay as thin as she was in her twenties and has a job.  Most people admit to me that they barely have the energy to finish a day’s work, come home, collapse on the couch, where they watch hours of mindless television, then go to bed.

For most Americans, the issue of weight starts pretty early. The combination of life style, food and inactivity takes its toll on our health and ultimately our weight. After all weight and energy are not the problem, they are simply indicators of much deeper health issues.

When we are healthy our body takes care of our weight issues. When we are healthy we have energy. When we are not, we get bigger and grow more fatigued.

Everything in life takes effort. Then we are bombarded with programs that convince us they have the answer. I have tried dozens of weigh loss programs and diets. Most didn’t work at all. Any that did work, only worked temporarily. They didn’t make you healthy. If they did they would keep working even after you stopped the program.

Most of them actually have an adverse effect on your health and metabolism, which begins the yo-yo phase of life. This is where you lose weight and gain weight. Have a temporary boost of energy then go back to fatigue. Most of us have been there. Too many of us live there! Then there are the emotional struggles. As life gets harder, as gaining weight gets easier, as energy gets worse, we are told that it is just a lack of will power, an absence of self-control or some moral failure on our part. What’s worse is we find ourselves craving fattening, energy robbing, unhealthy foods. We want to eat the wrong things at the wrong time. We are addicted to everything that destroys our health.

Well I’ve got good news for you, Science is actually catching up with ancient wisdom. Every cell in your body is communicating with every other cell in your body. Your craving for the wrong foods, your hunger, your addiction to sweets, your laying on the couch too much is not a lack of poor moral and ethical qualities. Your body is simply doing what you  programmed it to do! That’s right your body has been programmed. And once the programming for weight gain and sickness starts it is a syndrome that will not stop unless you reprogram. Like Jesus taught in the parable of the sower and the seed, I call it the Great Heart Physics Parable, unless you change what’s in your heart, you’re going to get more of what you’ve got.