For years I have searched for a way to make it financially possible for every person who wanted to go through Essential Heart Physics® to do so; now this can finally happen.

Through Impact Unlimited I am developing a life transformation program which will be a series of intensive workshops designed to take you through one of the most incredible transformation processes possible.

Walking with God is a heart-to-heart relationship; yet, so few believers even realize when they are functioning from their heart instead of their mind; and even fewer know how to activate their heart at will. That’s why learning the Word has produced such limited, temporary results for many! But Essential Heart Physics® is designed to change all that. I want you to know how to connect with Christ in your heart and begin to recognize His voice when He speaks! That’s why we’re starting Life Transformation Workshops with Heart Physics®, and will then follow every few months with another workshop, each one building on the previous. But I want you to solve this heart issue, otherwise all the teaching you hear will just be accumulating information that won’t work.

This is your chance to … transform your life to be the person you want to be, discover your heart’s path to live your dreams and experience Jesus in a way that many desire but few discover.

As a member of Impact Unlimited you will have the opportunity to participate in each new program, plus, you will have free access to all the support material. But one thing that is so exciting for me is this: I will provide live, weekly group mentoring with each program, starting with Heart Physics®. By the way, if you’re already a member of Impact Unlimited you don’t have to do anything except participate. As a member you get to participate with all our new programs, but if you’re not a member of Impact Unlimited you need to act now before we close the doors to this incredible, time-sensitive offer.

If you’ve wanted to participate in Heart Physics® but the price was a problem, this is your opportunity to participate for just pennies a day; plus, you’ll get all the support material and weekly coaching. Then, while you’re developing what you’ve learned through the special Heart Physics®workshop you’ll have access to all my books, new series and other ministry materials at no extra charge. These will be there to help you continue in your journey!

If you’ve already completed Essential Heart Physics® you still want to take advantage of this offer. First of all, every time you repeat Essential Heart Physics® your experience will be different because you’re at a different place in your life. Most people say the second and third times they go through the program is often more powerful than the first. Plus, you may have gone through all or part of the program, but did you turn it into a way of life?

This is the perfect time to follow through in the heart journey by participating in upcoming Life Transformation Workshops.

Here’s a really big PLUS! We all need to participate in a group that is making the same journey we’re making. To support and encourage those who are making this journey we are launching a private Facebook Group just for we who are taking this serious step. You’ll be able to talk to people from all across America and even other nations who are making this journey with you!

Impact Ministries has always been about developing disciples: believers who know how to have their own personal relationship with God, who are building their life on Jesus’ teaching, life example and the provisions He brought through the cross!

This is your chance to develop a better biblical understanding than most people in Bible College or seminary graduates; this is your chance to transform your life to be the person you want to be, discover your heart’s path to live your dreams and experience Jesus in a way that many desire but few discover.

CLICK HERE for more information and to get your name on the list. As soon as the doors to enrollment open you’ll be notified. Then be sure to act quickly because it is first-come first-serve! Once the doors are closed we will not receive any more participants!

I’ll be talking to you soon in our weekly Facebook mentoring session!


Jim Richards