quote-for-blog-092116If not rooted in healthy beliefs feeling the need to become someone else or change is one of the most negative thoughts we can embrace. All the characteristics of physics in the natural world are present in our heart, i.e. the inner world. God is consistent and always harmonious and all reality works on the same principles and truths. If properly interpreted there is no contradiction or conflicting reality in science, health, emotions and spiritual reality.

One of the laws of physics says, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  Therefore, if I believe I need to change to become what God wants me to be, the equal and opposite reaction in my heart is the belief that I am not currently what I need to be; consequently, I will reject myself. This self-rejection undermines our identity in Christ, our self-worth and our capacity to receive and experience God’s love.

This is why it is essential to grasp the difference between change and transformation. First, our old man died when we believed on Jesus. We are not on a quest to change who we used to be. Our spirit was made perfectly righteous through the new birth. We are never trying to become more righteous so I don’t need to change, but if I want to live life at its best I must put on the new man. This is a transformation, i.e. a metamorphosis.

A metamorphose is when that which we really are on the inside overtakes who we are on the outside. This transformation does not occur because of how hard we try to make it happen; it is a natural process that happens as we expose our heart to God. CLICK HERE to join me this week and discover this incredible process of Transformation by Revelation.