Quote for Blog - 081616There’s probably nothing wrong. In fact, one of the worst things you can do is try to self-analyze and fix your problems. Jesus taught that attempting to pull out the tares would result in pulling out much of the wheat. If something is obvious then correct it, but don’t ever become introspective.

As we read Scripture we must have the intention of putting it into practice or it will have no influence on our heart. Our heart only becomes engaged when we make Scripture personal. The disciple who desires to live like the Teacher chooses the person he or she wants to be and has the intention of applying what is learned. As we envision ourselves actually putting Scripture into practice grace comes alive in us and gives us the power to live in that truth.

Reading the Bible isn’t a marathon, it’s a journey. It isn’t about how much we read; it’s about what we comprehend and apply to our life, which only happens when we take the time to contemplate, reflect, consider and ponder the Word we are reading. Maybe our Bible reading should be 20% reading and 80% reflecting and considering what it would look and feel like to put it into practice.

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