Since Jesus conquered sin and we are in Him that means sin no longer has power over us.Since Jesus conquered sin and we are in Him that means sin no longer has power over us. The question that begs to be answered is, “If sin has no power over us why do we struggle with sin?”  Our primary struggle with sin gets down to a single belief! Very few believers actually make the connection between pain, sorrow, failure and sin. Far too many believers view sin as the list of fun things God doesn’t allow us to do, and godliness as a dull, boring life. But it doesn’t stop there; God wired man at his deepest level to be drawn to pleasure and avoid pain. So, our faulty concept of sin makes us drawn to it like a moth to the flame!

God was never opposed to man having the knowledge of good and evil, He was opposed to man attempting to determine good and evil without His proactive, loving wisdom. After all, He is the Creator; He knows what will bring pain and what will bring lasting pleasure.  When man determined to choose good and evil (chaos and suffering) without God’s input, he began to define pleasure more on the gratification of the flesh. This resulted in man pursuing pleasure ahead of life. It’s like eating for taste with no regard for what the food is doing to your health!

Keep in mind, the pain of sin is not God bringing punishment into your life. It is merely the natural consequences of destruction for choices incompatible with how you were created. JOIN ME this week and learn the true secret to overcoming temptation and sin, and free yourself from the deceptive choices that are destroying your chance at true happiness!

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