quote-for-blog-101416I’ve been asked that many times by our Bible College students and by pastors around the world. If I could only preach one message it would be our identity in Christ. This is the heart of the New Covenant and the foundation of our internal hierarchy that forms our life matrix!

None of the New Covenant comes together until we believe, grasp and walk in our identity in Christ. Identity in Christ goes beyond the fact that I am a new creation. Millions of believers know they are a new creation and still struggle. Knowing we are a new creation is not the in Him reality! The in Christ reality is rooted, first and foremost, in the fact that Jesus never sinned. He lived, walked, ministered, obeyed God and overcame death and Hades by His faith. Then God established the Covenant with Him. The New Covenant is between Jesus and God, the Father, not between God and man.

Then because we trust what Jesus did we believe on Him as Lord and are baptized into His body, the Church, by the Spirit! Now that we are in Him we live our life and approach God on the basis of His victories, qualification and inheritance. We stand in this world in the only One who has all authority in Heaven and Earth. When we ask anything from God in His name we are doing so believing in what He did and what He received from God and the Covenant of Peace.

We understand how God relates to us by knowing How He relates to Jesus. He will not harm us and He will not abandon us because to do so He would have to harm and abandon Jesus. When God looks at us He sees Jesus! CLICK HERE to join me this week so you can take the first step in establishing an Internal Hierarchy starting with your identity in Jesus!