Quote for Blog - 062416The first Luciferian lie interjected into man at the fall was God cannot be trusted; God is not good.This was the message the Nephilim broadcasted in the Promised Land and later through Greek mysticism. This message that God is not good is the core doctrine of occult practitioners, secret societies and legalistic believers. In fact, the occult uses that very logic to lead people astray. They say, “the creator, God, cannot be good; look at what is happening in the earth.”

There are two foundational truths on which all faith is established: God created man in His own likeness and image and man has authority on Planet Earth. The Bible said it and modern science verified it. The world is becoming what we perceive and expect.

In this week’s CyberChurch message, Establishing the Kingdom, you’ll learn that it’s our responsibility to establish God’s will on the earth. We must choose His will, His wisdom, His morals and ethics. Then when we choose His will we must use the power of “binding and loosing” to establish it.
When we stop asking God to do what He has told us to do our lives and our world will change. New Covenant Prayer (the way Jesus taught it) elevates man to his rightful place as a child and heir of God. If you want to totally renovate your prayer life check it out here!