Quote for Blog - 072816The struggles of the nation of Israel serve as examples and life lessons for us. When God led Israel out of Egypt He was attempting to lead them into The Promised Land where all their needs were met, a place they could thrive and prosper. This is always God’s intention for us: life, i.e. the quality of life possessed by the One who gives it!

It should have taken them only a few days to make a journey that took 40 years. It wasn’t God’s will for them to struggle in the wilderness for all those years, just like it isn’t God’s will for you to struggle. He sent Jesus so you could enter your Promised Land now! But we struggle in hardships for the same reason they did. Their hearts weren’t steadfast with Him, nor were they faithful in His covenant. Likewise, few believers have established their heart in the provisions of the New Covenant. The result is we limit God.

Because of the Luciferian interpretation of the sovereignty of God we believe God is in control of everything; therefore, everything that happens is God’s will. This occult belief will undermine your faith more than almost any other religious error. God’s will isn’t always done. It isn’t His will that anyone perish, but they do. His will was that sin never enter Planet Earth, but it did. It isn’t His will that we experience one day of sickness or face death, but we do.

Because Israel didn’t trust God’s promises they limited what He could do in them, through them and for them; therefore, again and again they tempted God and limited the Holy One of Israel. They tempted Him or tested Him by putting Him on trial and judged Him to be unfaithful. In their unbelief they said in their heart, God can’t or won’t do for us what He promised. That’s what we do and it limits God from accomplishing His will in our life.

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