Quote for Blog - 072916Actually, I meet very few people satisfied with their prayer life. The main reason may be because we do everything in our prayer life that Jesus told us not to. We fail to realize that God already knows all of our needs and is already seeking to lead us into the path of fulfillment and life. Therefore, we come to Him with a shopping list of things we want or need, then we pass our time asking Him to do what He has already done in Jesus.

Prayer is a place/time where we worship, use our authority to bind and loose, reconcile any aspect of our life that is not experiencing fulfillment of God’s promises and fellowship with Jesus. The word “fellowship” means “to share in common something that belongs to one of the parties.” The Covenant and all its provisions belong to Jesus; yet, because we are in Him we are joint heirs.

This is where the heart comes in. If I am connecting to God from my heart I will not just verbally remind myself of all these blessings, I will experience them as being real, now. This is the life of prayer – this communion, i.e., fellowship, i.e., sharing in common all that Jesus received from God.

All reality is found in Christ. Until this is the basis of our faith, the reason for our qualification and the assurance of what has been given, our prayers are just religious words that mean nothing. CLICK HERE to join me in Impact CyberChurch this week as we explore: In Christ: The Only Reality.