Quote for Blog - 031616In the Year of Jubilee all financial debts were cancelled in Israel. It didn’t matter how one accrued the debt, it was cancelled. It wasn’t about being worthy or unworthy. Just imagine prison doors being opened so prisoners could be released, yet some had sat in the darkness for so long they couldn’t perceive that the door was open and all they had to do was stand and walk out the door.

In His announcement to heal the brokenhearted Jesus quoted from Isaiah 61 which explained their eyes had to be open so they could see in the darkness. We are like those prisoners; all of the doors that have limited our life have been opened, but that doesn’t mean we’re able to perceive this reality. We have a role to play in our capacity to see. In my series, Freedom from Emotional Debt, I take you step-by-step through your part of the process so you can walk beyond the limitations of your life.

Here’s the problem: all pain of the past has created a version of reality that you have accepted. Your brain has become programmed to react in very specific ways to perceived threats. Those reactions are a continual source of conflict and self-sabotage, limiting your opportunity for peace, joy and success. But you don’t have to stay trapped in the past! Join me in Impact CyberChurch and I’ll introduce you to, Spiritual Healing for PTSD, so you can move on with your life and live in your inheritance!