the-moment-you-surrenderRepentance is an attitude of humility. It is not a onetime action. It is a way of life. When we make Jesus Lord we are committing to always accept His Word above our own. A humble person is ready and able to surrender their opinion when they have an encounter with the truth. The proud insist they are right, therefore they find themselves in opposition to God.

The Book of James says, “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Therefore submit to God; resist the devil…” The word “resist” means to be set in opposition. God is in opposition to the proud because they insist their opinions are more right than His. But it is actually the proud and their attitude that creates the opposition; they have turned in a direction i.e. mindset that opposes God!

The humble person submits or yields to God and His Word. Therefore, they experience grace: God’s power and ability. But James goes on to say, resist, set yourself in opposition to the devil, and he will flee from you. The moment you surrender your opinion to God’s Word you have aligned yourself with God, which puts you in opposition to the devil. He flees because he can’t do anything to a person who believes the truth.

The act of surrendering your opinion to God’s is repentance. The person who never repents i.e. changes his mind will find himself walking in harmony with the devil because he is too proud to admit being wrong. They will never have a clear conscience, therefore they will spiral into more deception. CLICK HERE to join me this week to learn more about the power of a clear conscience.