quote-for-blog-091516Assurance of salvation is what the Bible calls confidence before God. When we lose confidence our heart condemns us, then we can’t take hold of His promises, we won’t enter into His presence and we don’t experience peace, just to mention a few consequences.

There are a few causes and simple cures for lack of confidence. The first thing we must decide is whether or not we trust God and His Word. God’s Word tells us plainly, if we believe that God raised Jesus from death for our sins and confess Him as our Lord we will be saved. Either we believe that or we don’t.

But there are a few things that undermine our faith. If we haven’t chosen to truly follow Jesus as Lord it‘s doubtful we will experience confidence. Trusting Him as Lord means we trust, believe and follow His teachings as a way of life. When we choose to believe and experience the fruit of a new life we soon become deeply persuaded.

The main thing that undermines our confidence is a guilty conscience. Our conscience is corrupted when we don’t choose to walk in righteousness or love (1 John 4:12; 2:28-29; 3:18-23). If your conscious mind has no evidence that you’re a new creation, it will never believe the truth. This doesn’t mean you aren’t saved, it means you have no confidence. Our assurance of salvation is rooted in our trust for God’s Word and the way we live our life. CLICK HERE to join me this week for Loving in the Light and put an end to your doubt, fear and condemnation!