Misunderstanding forgiveness is one reason we remain in bondage most of our lives. Do we really understand the simplicity of what it means to forgive someone?



...are you aware of your constant need to experience God’s forgiveness for yourself?The disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith for forgiveness, but Jesus said all they needed was the faith of a mustard seed. In other words, Jesus was saying that faith has nearly nothing to do with forgiveness. It takes so little faith to forgive. The issue isn’t a lack of faith; the real issue is a lack of willingness.

Jesus further describes, in Luke 17:9, the servant who does his duty and takes care of the master’s needs before his own, indicating that no special recognition is required for forgiveness. You do it because you’re experiencing God’s forgiveness and you want to be free from the pain unforgiveness causes.

Even though all your sin has been paid for at the cross of Christ, are you aware of your constant need to experience God’s forgiveness for yourself? You only experience it when you connect to God in your heart by acknowledging your need. If you don’t recognize His daily forgiveness and mercy, you can’t show forgiveness and mercy, because you can’t give what you haven’t received, and you can’t receive what you’re unwilling to give. I hope by now you are at a place where you want to know how to forgive and send these things away and to understand the value it means to your life.

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