God’s power is always present. It’s like a river that endlessly flows.I absolutely understand what people mean when I am asked this question. I actually use the same terminology, simply so people can grasp what I‘m talking about. However, if we literally believe we need to get God’s Word to work it represents a flaw in our understanding of this process.

The Bible tells us to walk in the Spirit as opposed to the flesh. The words that best sum up what “walk” would be are ”to yield” and “to harmonize.” God’s power is always present. It’s like a river that endlessly flows. If we sit in a boat in that river we will effortlessly flow with the current. We don’t have to make the current work; we just have to not work against the process. We harmonize with the current when we trust its power; we yield to it when we allow it to take us in a direction without resistance.

JOIN ME this week and learn more about the incredible power that works in us when we simply harmonize with what God is already doing instead of trying to get Him to do something.

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