This is a process—a journey, but it all starts with a choice.

God can’t teach us anything in the area that we’re not willing to obey.Struggling to believe God at His Word? If we choose to believe God & use His Word to renew our minds, we begin the journey of allowing the Holy Spirit to show us things that we never even believed were possible. The caveat is that the Holy Spirit can’t reveal or manifest anything to us beyond our willingness to believe it.

The Hebrew words for “hear,” “obey,” &“belief” are all synonymous in Scripture. The idea is that we can’t believe what we won’t hear. “Hearing comes by the Word,” so we must hear the Word of God. It’s incredibly important to know that we will not hear and understand the Word of God that we are not willing to obey. God can’t teach us anything in the area that we’re not willing to obey.  He won’t force us; we must choose to believe.

You must be willing to believe, open your heart & say, “I’m having trouble seeing this or I don’t see this, but I want to.” Even if you fail because of the limitations you put on yourself or the fear you have, just keep getting up & walking this path. As you choose to believe, listen, obey, learn, reapply & repeat, you’ll begin to experience life in a way that surpasses your wildest dreams!

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