Creating Happy Holidays

For years, the holidays from Thanksgiving until Christmas were tormenting for me. Every year I struggled with depression, anger and a lot of bad memories, but with the help of my family and close friends, and by making some new decisions, I now have wonderful holidays and so can you. I am so excited to share this life-changing series with you!

Several years ago I developed this series just to help people who either struggle with the holidays or for those who simply want to make the holidays more meaningful and has become a real turning point for thousands. Almost immediately people started taking steps to overcome the negative aspects of the holiday season. Join with those who are  Creating Happy Holidays and:

  •   Free yourself from holiday depression
  •   Create a holiday that the whole family enjoys
  •   Break out of the Christmas financial trap
  •   Bring more spiritual meaning to the season
  •   Make every gift meaningful
  •   Create your own family traditions
  •   Bring spiritual value to the season and still have Christmas fun


To learn more about having peace with God and a happiness that lasts long after the holiday season read The Gospel of Peace.