When we love/value what God loves/values we will treat the object of our love the same way God treats us.Based on one’s interpretation of love, that could be correct! If we love as the world loves, i.e. do that which makes us feel good regardless of how it affects others, put ourselves first and seek gratification, then no, we should not love ourselves. That type of love is nothing but gross selfishness! Anton LaVey, founder of the Satanist Church in America, says that one doesn’t have to worship or pledge loyalty to the devil to be a Satanist. In fact, he states that the purest form of Satanism is selfishness. Selfishness is the polar opposite of God’s love for one’s self! The love of the world promotes selfishness!

If we are to love God above all else and love our neighbor as ourselves we must start with knowing and accepting God’s definition of love. When we love/value what God loves/values we will treat the object of our love the same way God treats us. Therefore, to love ourselves is to treat ourselves just as God treats us. So, if we don’t love God and love ourselves we will be completely incapable of loving people in a way that contributes to their life.

If I love/value myself as God loves/values me I will walk in love (see and express value) toward others. My conscience will be clear and I will be able to receive what God is freely giving. Today people around the world are demanding more and more from others. They have to be right; they have to get their way. They have a vacuum in their heart they are seeking to fill. But no matter how much they force others to do for them or give to them it will never be enough. Until they have a deep sense of Dignity and Worth that comes from experiencing the love of God, walking in love toward others and having love themselves, they will demand and take more and more from the people around them, destroying every meaningful relationship. CLICK HERE to join me this week as we explore what it really means that God crowned you with Dignity and Worth. Learn to love yourself the way God loves you!