8. Creating The World In Our Image

Man has created a concept of God that has nothing to do with who God revealed Himself to be.

The doctrine of sovereignty is the greatest theological misunderstanding that probably negatively affects more people in the world than any other doctrine. We have redefined sovereignty to mean that God is in control and can do anything He wants. All sovereignty really means is that God acts without being influenced by any outside sources.

God gave all authority of Planet Earth to man, therefore we decide what’s going to happen. God is not in control beyond the degree that we yield to and follow Him. By listening to Him and following the leading of the Holy Spirit, we can avoid almost all tragedies of life and live a relatively peaceful life.

The reason the very foundation of the world is destroyed is because we are supposed to be ruling and reigning in righteousness. Instead, we wanted to create a world in our own image that gave us permission to be wicked, ungodly, and immoral, where our standards and values replaced God’s. But we can change this. We can decide that we will be fair and just people by allowing God to establish what fair and just needs to look like in our lives.
I want you to know who you are in Jesus, that we can turn this world around and usher in the return of the Lord Jesus.

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