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October 2020

I apologize for getting this to you so late in the month. As many of you have heard, three weeks ago I had a heart attack. One day I’ll share the whole story with you about how the Lord prepared me to face an event that should have taken my life, and turned it around. I am so grateful that God always leads, prepares, and equips so the heart is always prepared for what’s coming next!

The truth is, I would have probably waited until late in the month to share our World Changer letter simply because of this crucial moment in history. I always want the things I share to be relevant, timely, and beneficial to real life!

In just a few days we will participate in an election that will determine the fate of our country and the entire world! If you still think this is about Democrats versus Republicans, I encourage you to take a closer look. This is about elitism versus personal freedom. Please take the time to download a free copy of my book, God’s Wisdom for a Fair and Just World! Then, if you see the benefit, share it with everyone you can!

Regardless of who wins or loses the election, every believer must understand God’s concept of justice or we could find ourselves on the wrong side of the issues. We could be in that category of people who persecute God’s people and think we are doing God a service!

Since the book is available to you, I won’t focus very much on teaching in this letter, but I will pass along what I think is an important tip. We already know extreme leftist agitators are planning to implement domestic terrorism. Regardless of who wins or who loses, they intend to disrupt life all across America for weeks. (their words, not mine.) This means, no matter what reason they give for protesting, they are lying. They are not doing it to make our country better. They are not doing it for racial equality. Their one stated purpose is to destroy America.

Depending on where you are in America, you may want to consider the following:

Stock up on food, water, and other essential supplies. You don’t want to put yourself in a compromising position to buy food. I would recommend you have enough food to last a minimum of two weeks.

If there are fires in your area you could lose your utilities. Stock up on: batteries, water, toilet paper, and other things you will need for daily life.

If you take medications on a daily basis, see if you can get them in advance.

Park your vehicles in a safe place, giving you easy access and an escape route.

If you live in an area that has a high probability of violence, prepare a bug-out bag – a backpack that has everything you need to make a quick get-a-way. You can look online to consider what you should have in your bug-out bag. Have everything you need to survive long enough to get to a safe place, including some cash.

Have a safe destination that you and your family will go to in case of an emergency.

Don’t let fear drive you, but if you can only have peace by going to another location before election night; follow your heart.

You can look online to find all kinds of practical tips for short and long-term survival. This type of preparation is not about fear, it’s all about wisdom. Proverbs 22:3, says, A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it, (NIV).

Diligent, practical people make provisions and plans when there is a possibility that action may be needed. Every year my grandmother and grandfather, who lived from their crops, hung meat in the smokehouse and filled the root cellar with the food they canned from the garden. They weren’t living in fear, they were making provision for the winter and for the possibility that the crops may not be abundant the following year.

Be wise. Always make provisions for the future; that’s the theme of the five wise and five foolish virgins. The ones who prepared were ready to meet their Lord; those who did not prepare were distracted by practical needs and were left behind.

Fear not, but be prepared!


Dr. Jim Richards


P.S. My new series, The Justice of God, will help you discover how God’s plan for social justice can bring peace to the world. It will open your eyes to the depths of God’s love, compassion, and patience. What’s happening right now is not the end of the world, but unless the Church stands up and declares God’s justice, it will be the end of our freedom! This is the solution for our nation and the world!

Changing the Way the World Sees God…

Please take a moment to watch this short video testimony from Spain made possible by Operation One Billion. I know it will bless you. Thank you for making this possible!