7. Equipped
In 30 years of pastoring and 49 years of ministry, I cannot recall how many people have expressed the frustration of feeling they had no idea what God wanted them to do. Many who had a sense of destiny felt desperation because they knew what to do but didn’t feel capable of doing it.

Religion has made us believe discovering God’s will for our life results from vague spiritual quests. They think it will take a lifetime to grow into their calling. The truth is, God has called us to do exactly what Jesus did; furthermore, He has mapped out a journey that we all make to grow, develop, and become equipped for every part of our destiny as well as every battle we’ll ever face.

Those who do not know and pursue God’s general calling for every believer will never fully grasp and feel equipped for their specific destiny. Join me this week and discover the simple, yet powerful journey that equips every believer for a life of purpose and destiny.

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