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July 2021

I wake up every day fully committed to having a great day no matter how bad I feel or what is going wrong. It’s just a matter of choice. The Bible tells us to choose blessing or cursing, which is not a one-time choice. It’s one we make in every single avenue of life.

I want to share something with you that will bring great opportunities to expand the gospel and help other people. Early on in my walk with God, I read the Old Testament. We call it the New Testament because it is the ultimate fulfillment of everything God spoke in the Old Testament. Everything God said in the Old Testament could only be fulfilled when Jesus came and delivered us from the power of sin so we could make a free will choice about walking in love.

When we choose to walk in love as believers, we fulfill the law and the commandments. It’s not because we’re afraid, trying to earn anything, or are legalists. We do this because we realize this is God’s prescription. The word “commandments” means “prescription.” This is God’s prescription for how we should treat one another. Eight of the ten commandments are all about relating to one another, and all ten of the commandments talk about and reflect how walking in these things benefits us, makes us whole, and keeps us free from the trappings of the world.

One of the things I began to see from reading the Old Testament was many different commandments or laws. The word “commandments” means prescriptions; the word “law” means signposts. We have signposts that help us understand if we are on track, walking in love. We have prescriptions when we choose to walk in love in particular situations and want to discover how.

When I read the Old Testament through the third or fourth time, I noticed how many of the commandments or signposts had to do with maintaining our health. This was such an incredible revelation for me because, in those days, the Pentecostals, Word of Faith Charismatics took the extreme view that you wouldn’t take medicine or do practical things if you were walking by faith. The whole concept of walking by faith was minimized and reduced to doing nothing practical or that God gave us a prescription to do in the Bible. We were to believe for what we would call a supernatural miracle or healing.

I began to understand that faith was not believing we could get God to do something through pressure or manipulation. Faith is whether we believe what God said and apply it to our lives. I began to understand that all the health laws were God’s wisdom – the Creator, the One who made us, teaching us how to be healthy. The way we handled diseased bodies, the way we ate, resting physically, and managing our emotions – none of these were factors we obeyed to get God to heal us supernaturally. These were all the wisdom of God, saying, “If you trust me, you will apply this to your lives so you will have abundant health.

As far back as 1975, I began to realize it was as miraculous to get healed because I trusted what God said about what to eat as it was to get somebody to lay hands on me. They are both based on the promises God has made. Religion made it where the only thing you could call an act of faith was the signs and wonders, the miraculous. But many people struggle and don’t have the faith to receive the miraculous or know God that well. But many people will believe in the wisdom of God, see it in the Word, and believe its practical application.

My journey moved on to this realization that we can’t reduce ministry to only the spiritual because we are spirit, soul, and body. This is how psychiatrists, Luciferians, and the New Agers who rejected God ended up controlling those narratives because the Church was busy ignoring the practical application of God’s Word. Therefore, other people stepped up and helped people in other areas. As ignorant and condescending as it has always been, the Church said all of that was of the devil. No, it’s not. It’s biblically-based knowledge and wisdom that other groups of people believed and applied when the Church wouldn’t.

I do not fight with anyone who applies the Word of God, even if they don’t realize it. But where the rubber meets the road is when so many groups took what God said and used it to get results to help people because that was their passion. Then, instead of saying it came out of the Bible, they used it to turn away from the Word of God and what we have in Christ.

We need to be people who minister spirit, soul, and body and lead people into a spiritual connection with God. We need to know how to help people be spiritually minded. We also need to help people understand the wisdom of God and practical application for so many things – finances, health, etc.

Many people have a passion for helping others in their health, but they’re not qualified. With what is happening in our nation, it won’t be long until we do not have freedom for our health. Stalin said that healthcare was the lynchpin of socialism and communism. Once you take over the healthcare system, people will be so afraid that they’ll do anything to keep their healthcare, even if it’s not good.

In the months, years, decades ahead – however much time we have left – we will find it harder and harder to get good healthcare. We have this correlation between the government, the insurance company, Big Pharma, and the AMA. Excellent doctors and scientists work in the healthcare industry, and some politicians think they’re helping by passing laws that actually take away our freedom of choice when it comes to healthcare.

I had a clinic for many years to help with substance abuse, digestive issues, and general issues. I saw great success. I would win people to Jesus who hated the Church and God because of what religion had taught them about God. When you help somebody get physically well, they will listen to what you have to say.

My basic principle is that whether it is science, business, marriage, child-raising, or healthcare, I must make sure I take it back to the principle of the Scriptures. The principle of the Scriptures is this: everything we do in healthcare for our bodies needs to harmonize with the way we are created. When we consider how many physicians, politicians, and Big Pharma reject God and the idea that we were created, they do not develop products in harmony with how we were created. The side effects are sometimes worse than the disease they’re trying to cure.

I have fought a lifetime of sickness and disease, but sadly, the thing that negatively affected me the most was not the sickness and disease. It was the cure, the things done to get me cured. That’s what put me into chronic fatigue, diabetes, and so many situations that took me years to come out of. I’ve always gone to sound science and biology. I take all that to the Scripture and say, “What part of this is in harmony with how God created us?” That will be the only part I will use. That allows me to take care of myself and my family and help other people who don’t have insurance or money to pay for conventional Western medical solutions. They have tried everything mainstream medicine has to offer, and they’re getting worse.

It would be great to know that they would get healed every time I laid hands on someone. But even Jesus couldn’t do that. There were places Jesus went where He could not work miracles. Why? We have been taught that Jesus’ anointing as the Son of God made Him able to perform miracles. No. It was because He was the Son of Man who had authority here on Planet Earth. We have authority on Planet Earth because we are the son of man. We are human beings, and God gave the human race authority to do what we do here on Planet Earth.

We were taught it was because of Jesus’ special anointings that people were healed, which is not true. Every person healed under Jesus’ ministry, the Bible explicitly says it was their faith, not His, that healed them. The ones not explicit in that area imply that their own faith healed them. If we’re in supernatural ministry, our faith is to believe these promises are true, listen to the Holy Spirit, flow in the gifts of the spirit, build faith in other people. When they reach a place of faith, they will receive their healing or miracle.

When it comes to wisdom and practical application, this is where we look to the Word of God and know what’s true and turn this into ministry opportunities. Then, we can go to a person and use these biblical principles to help get them well. All we’re doing is facilitating what the body does. Nearly nothing I’ve ever done could ever claim it would heal anybody, but it will facilitate the body reaching a state where it can do what it was created to do. Much of the disease in the world today is because so much of the natural world, the way it’s developed, isolates us from the natural energies of Planet Earth, where we can experience healing.

This is one of the reasons I introduced you to Biomagscience through Ultimate Impact. The book that comes along with it, Conquering Pain, is one of the best books I’ve ever read on the use of magnets for health therapies. I did this first and foremost because I wanted to help you. I wanted you to get past all the aches, pains, and arthritis. I wanted you to have access to the therapies that would get your body back in harmony with creation, with the way God created the world.

We know that the biomagnetic sphere that comes out of and surrounds the earth is part of what keeps us healthy, alive, and whole. Man cannot live on another planet because there are too many unique factors with Planet Earth found nowhere in the universe. If those unique factors are not present, man cannot live there. You might be able to create an artificial environment that “sort of” works, but it will never be the unique factor we have here on Planet Earth.

I have had great results using some of the therapies described in the Conquering Pain book, and we’re getting many testimonies from others who have applied them. Many years ago, because of medications used to get rid of two different infections I had, I went into chronic fatigue and began fighting a battle that has lasted a little over a decade. I’ve used natural things to facilitate my body, and I got better, but I still struggled.

I had a conversation with a specialist in Dallas, Texas, a few years ago. He told me I probably had a traumatic brain injury. I had all of the symptoms. I started thinking back to the first time my head got cracked open when I was four or five years old. One of my brothers accidentally cracked me in the head, and I bled profusely. That was probably the first head injury that had the potential to cause trauma. Around the same age, either my brother pushed me, or I fell on a brick, and it cut me across the bottom of my chin.

I played football and got knocked out a couple of times. Our freshman team was so good that they would put us playing a varsity team. When I was in the ninth grade, playing freshman football, our varsity team could not score on us because our defense was so good. I only weighed around 145 pounds back then, and I tackled these guys who weighed 220 pounds. Once, I hit helmet-to-helmet with a guy who weighed about 240 pounds, and it knocked me out cold on the field. They had to drag me off. When I stood up, I didn’t know where I was or what was going on. I took hits to the face with a helmet. I had those kinds of injuries growing up.

I was hit by a car when I was fourteen years old. I went flying through the air and landed on my head about fifteen or twenty feet away. It cracked my skull and injured my back in that accident, and I could not use my left leg at all for several weeks. This was during the time that I was a runaway. I could go down a list of getting kicked in the face until my nose was broken, my jaw kicked out of place, and I had horrible TMJ until I met Dr. Cooke, whom I research with. He’s the best chiropractor anywhere in the world. In one treatment, he solved my TMJ.

My head was driven through a windshield when I was sixteen. Again, I was incognito, so I couldn’t go to the hospital to be treated. I ended up picking glass out of my head for about a year and had a severe head injury. When Brenda and I were in that terrible wreck in 2005, I was knocked out from a 65 mph head-on collision. I don’t recall how I got out of the car, but I stumbled around because of a head injury.

I used magnetic therapy, and within about twenty minutes of using magnetic therapy for the first time, my mental fog went away. I do the treatment every day, and I have had mental clarity, although I don’t think it’s completely solved. I do brain retraining therapy, which is just two magnets, and it has recovered my ability to think clearly and concisely and to read and study for long periods of time. I could go down the list of testimonies I have gotten from others who have used magnetic therapy.

One of my goals is to help you find ways to help the people around you. Suppose you are helping the people around you. Ministry opportunities will open up so that you can talk to them about this not healing anything but that it works because it facilitates your body to function the way God created it. Then, your body can heal itself.

I talked to Peter Kulish, the author of the Conquering Pain book, who is also the president and founder of Biomagscience. He and I have become telephone pals, and we’re doing research together. I’m enjoying this relationship. The thing that drove Peter is the same thing that drives me: helping people. I’ve never had a thing about money or worried about money because ever since I gave my heart to the Lord, my one driving factor is the kingdom of God.

I want to help get people out of physical pain and into wholeness. I pray the influence I have on them by helping them will open doors for me to share the love of God. I have won thousands of people to the Lord over the years because I have ministered to their bodies by providing biblically-based therapies. This caused them to ask why I was different from other Christians in what I believed about God.

I have served as a consultant to pastors, business leaders, and people in almost every area of life. One of the primary things I always teach about success is this: success is the easiest thing for people who discover the following factors. Find something you’re good at that helps people. When you find something you’re good at and enjoy doing, and it helps people (unless you’re a really bad business person), you will have a great life. Like me, you’ll be saying, “I’ve never worked a day in my whole adult ministry life because I love what I’m doing. It doesn’t feel like work.”

Yesterday, I went to work around 8:00 am and wrapped it up at 9:30 pm. I shouldn’t push myself that hard, given that I have a background of chronic fatigue. But it was there to do; it helped people and solved problems. When I went to bed and read for a little while before going to sleep, I remember thinking that I didn’t want to put in a long day every day and wouldn’t because it would be mismanagement of my health. But still, it’s great to be able to do it when the need is there and be a blessing and a help to other people.

Peter and I discussed the fact that his company has an affiliate program. We have many healthcare workers in our Ultimate Impact group. Healthcare workers can’t go out and work with others, give their time, and be a clinic and practitioner for free. They must pay their bills as everyone else does. But if you’re helping people and can do what you do for a reasonable fee, people will be more than glad to pay you. And if you can make a good living from something where you’re helping people, your life gets easy. Success and prosperity are easy. Everything is easy.

Peter has opened his affiliate program to our World Changers and Ultimate Impact group. If you are interested in discovering how to become an affiliate with BiomagScience, you can help people and receive compensation. Or, maybe you’re a practitioner wanting to add another tool to your toolbox. One thing that always made me very successful as a practitioner was that I was not one-dimensional. I had mastered five or ten things that I had other tools in case what I was using wasn’t working.

You may be a practitioner who wants to use this and could make some money at it. You may be someone looking for a way to benefit others and benefit yourself. If you’re interested, please go here: This is a great opportunity, and you have the potential to make a lot of money doing this if you have a good outreach. This is not an affiliate program that I am offering, so please don’t contact my offices or me. You’ll need to reach out to Peter Kulish of Biomagscience with any questions or problems.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this affiliate program, I recommend you follow how we train ministers at Heart Physics: First, train yourself. Read the book Conquering Pain. You want to understand and know how to use it to bring the most significant benefit to people. But the most influential thing that will work for you is when you have personally applied these principles to your life, and out of that personal experience, you take this out to other people.

Remember, this is ministry because you are helping people find wholeness by facilitating an environment in their bodies that is very similar to what God provided for us through creation. Use this as an opportunity to minister to their physical body, to their emotional being, and their spiritual being. God didn’t tell us to make converts; He told us to make disciples. People become converts and stay converts because they start making the journey of a disciple, and God’s Word becomes something they trust. When they commit to Jesus, it’s not an emotional factor that they decide on a whim. You’re making a disciple when getting people whole and explaining how this fits into God’s plan for man.

If this is something your heart cries out for, jump into it and help a lot of people.