4. Why Is This Happening In America

“Throughout history, we see Godless people, Godless regimes, world leaders hungry for power, and greedy people attempting to take over all the resources available in Planet Earth. Each monumental war has gotten more violent, more wicked, and more brutal.

Jesus said that the time would come when we would have a tribulation on Planet Earth that would be far worse than anything that has ever happened. Many people have asked me if I thought we were in the Tribulation. “No, I do not!” People in Russia, China, the former Soviet Union, and all over the world have gone through worse than what we are going through right now. What we are going through will get worse unless we stop it. People who don’t know history, don’t know the Bible, or don’t understand how we got here, don’t know how to stop it.

You may be asking yourself, “How did America get here?” I want to answer that question for you. I want to show you a Biblical perspective on how we reached this point. Once we understand how we got here, then we can understand how to get out. Right now, destiny is in our hands. This isn’t a matter of God making a choice of what’s going to happen next; it’s a matter of US deciding what’s going to happen next, and whether or not we are going to involve and trust God.

If you want to understand the times and learn more about how America got here and what we can do about it, CLICK HERE to watch this week’s CyberChurch message, “Why is this Happening in America?”.

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