1. The Star Of Bethlehem

I hope you’re preparing for a meaningful Christmas. By that, I mean a Christmas that honors God and celebrates what Jesus came to earth to give us. You can bring the life of God to your family and friends in an incredibly meaningful way.

In this week’s CyberChurch message, I’m talking to you about The Star of Bethlehem. The Star of Bethlehem brings us to an incredible truth – that all of what we call the twelve signs of the Zodiac (not for fortune-telling or nonsense) and the Constellations tell the story of the entire Gospel truth.

When the Bible says, “The heavens declare the glory of God,” (Psalm 19:1) it’s not only that they are glorious in their creation, although that’s true. It’s the fact that God declared the story of the glory of God.

In this incredible true story, you’ll discover that because of the witness of Daniel after he was taken into captivity, God was able to guide the Chaldeans to the star of the coming Messiah. This will cause you to rejoice and will change the way you see this traditional Christmas story. It will encourage you and make you believe everything is possible with God.

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