1. The Cure For Holiday Depression
The same sun that hardens clay melts butter. The Bible explains that nothing is inherently good or evil. We make something good or evil because of what is in our hearts.

In the Hebrew language, the Bible also teaches that footprints have covered our hearts. Based on the damage to your heart, something incredibly painful for one person could cause rejoicing by another.

The holidays are emotionally crippling for some. Some are mildly depressed, while others are angry and suicidal. No matter which category describes you, I want to help you understand how to turn holidays into a reason for rejoicing. I want to equip you to help yourself as well as helping those who struggle this time of the year. Join me this week as we discuss The Cure for Holiday Depression.

For those that would like to take a tour of the Richards’ home at Christmas time, here is the YouTube video Dr. Jim mentioned: https://youtu.be/fqhVFLnrE-M

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