1. Making The Journey
I have great news for you and a little bad news. The great news is that the Bible says, “Seek and you shall find.” The bad news is – what if we’re seeking the wrong things? What if we’re seeking things that bring chaos and destruction into our lives, hurt our marriage, and corrupt our children?

Nobody would admit to it, however, we do often seek incredibly destructive things thinking if we can get them, all of our problems will be solved. Jesus doesn’t want us to be confused. He wants you to understand His priorities. But where do we start and what should we seek to make sure we don’t go off track and mess up our lives?

Watch this week’s CyberChurch broadcast, “Making the Journey, and learn how to get your priorities right so you’re not seeking the things that will destroy you and your family. You will find out how easy and light life can be. What a great life you can have if you actually harmonize your priorities with God’s!

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