We are attempting to do what the Church may have never done: use New Covenant, spiritual weapons to break the strongholds in our nations! The Church has used force and corruption, waged wars, screamed at the devil, and used every other imaginable tactic to change the world, but in my lifetime and in my study of Church History never before has the Church taken God at His word and chosen to change the world by speaking faith-filled words of blessing!

The holy wars were an attempt through wholesale murder and force to conquer the world “in the name of Jesus!” Legislation was an attempt to intellectually and legally force men to live godly lives without changing their heart! Fear and condemnation have been proclaimed from the pulpits in the hope of scaring people into doing what only faith which works by love can accomplish!

But we aren’t going to do any of that. The weapons of warfare are not carnal but mighty through God. We will do through the spoken word what no generation has ever done! We will speak blessings on our nation and the nations of the world, in agreement with the finished work of Jesus. We will not beg God to do what He has already done in Christ! We will not ask Him to do what He has given us the authority and responsibility to do! We will speak into existence that which has been accomplished by the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

As disciples of Jesus we should follow His teaching and example. Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you. (Matt. 5:44) The Church has failed to accomplish the cause of Christ in the world simply because what Jesus taught just doesn’t seem possible in our natural minds. But we have an opportunity to do what the Church has never done: speak the blessings of God over our corrupt nations and change the world!

What started out as a one day event for America has now turned into a worldwide event that will be shared with many nations of the world simultaneously! Together we will create a spiritual tsunami that will sweep the planet; but this will only work if everyone does his or her part! If just one percent of a nation will enter into agreement and speak blessings, I believe that nation can change, virtually, overnight!

Join me and others around the world on July 8th for one hour of the 24 hour Day of Blessing! For a period of 24 hours we will bless our nation and the world. All I’m asking you to do is select one hour to join in. During that hour you will log on to join with others from around the world. Allen Speegle, Dave Duell, Jimmie Bratcher, Dennis Capra and I will encourage and model the process of blessings!

Between now and July 8th you will receive weekly emails encouraging and outlining the process. Here are some steps you can take to make the World Wide Day of Blessing a huge success:

  1. Get your prayer group, Bible study, or church to participate as a group.
  2. a.  If you are a pastor you may want to divide your church into various times of participation.

  3. Get as many people involved as possible.
  4. Go to Facebook.com/Drjimrichards and click the “I like” button. This will make you a recipient of the online invitation to the event.
  5. Get as many people as you can to do the same on Facebook or go to http://dayofblessing.com/ and register today. You will receive, by email, the link where you can participate in the event.
  6. If you receive an invitation on your Facebook page to attend the event, click yes.
      a. If you click the icon on your Facebook invitation it will take you to the official Day of Blessing page.
      b. Invite all of your Facebook friends to participate. You can copy the icon and paste it to your Facebook invitation.
  7. After registering you will receive a link to the video page where we will be streaming the event.
  8. Choose the hour you want to participate and join in.
  9. Send emails to every believer in your address book and ask them to do the same thing.
      a. Include the  link http://dayofblessing.com/
      b. Ask them to forward the invitation to everyone in their address book.
  10. Make an announcement in your church and give my Facebook address Facebook.com/Drjimrichards or http://dayofblessing.com/

10.  Forward the weekly emails about the event to everyone you know.

Studies show that voter turnout has been low for years. The reason for this phenomenon is simple: voting hasn’t really made much difference. People are discouraged with government, church, and the nation as a whole. This is our chance to do something about the state of our nation – something more powerful than elections, politicians, political parties, or all the evil that abounds in the world. We will harmonize with the power of the resurrected Lord and use our faith to loose, i.e. declare legal, proper, and permissible the blessings of God on our nations!

Start now by speaking blessings over your neighborhood/village/city, your family, and your nation! Don’t make this an event; make it a way of life!

Jim Richards

PS We will provide a free daily devotional, 30 Days of Blessing, for those who participate in this event!