Sequencing manpower is so very important. In managing my personal work schedule, I have had to ask myself several key questions. One of the most important is, “What task will hold up the most people if I do not do it first?” Keeping people waiting is unacceptable for an efficient leader. Manageable manpower costs occur by keeping everyone working. Every hour that a paid employee does nothing adds to the cost of the project. No matter how hard you are working, if you are not working the right priority, you’re doing the wrong job.

Even in the word of God we see the need for obedience in priority. Jesus said that when prioritizing the pursuit of material possessions, Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33). Yet few people really do this. He also said, Before you pray, settle conflicts (Matthew 5:23-24). But who really does that? So many times He said, Do this first. Despite this, we pick and choose the parts we want rather than adhere to His priorities. The fruit is evidenced by the endless list of dysfunctional believers. It often seems like no one grasps the need for priorities.

It is good to know who should do what on your leadership team. Facilitators should gather information. Visionaries should cast the vision and establish goals. Refiners should discover all the missing pieces and make the plan better. True leaders should establish the priorities. The managers should manage the people in line with those priorities. Finally, workers will then be able to do the work with very little frustration. Read Entire Article