Jan-sliderThe majority of believers hold the Bible in high regard as a holy book. While it holds a special place on the “coffee table,” the real question is, “Does it hold a special place in one’s heart?” Some view it as an historical book of God’s interactions with His people. But because they divide it into dispensations it holds little relevance for us today. Those who consider themselves dedicated often view it as a book of rules whereby one gains God’s favor and acceptance. No one holding any of these points of view finds the abundant life Jesus promised.

The ancient Hebrews had a saying that went something like this, “Woe unto the man who sees God’s Word as merely commands and rules.” We don’t even have a word in English that reveals what the word “commandment” really means. The closest concept we have is “divine prescription!”

God’s Word warns us of the consequences of NOT applying His Word and the benefits of applying it. If we trust that He is telling the truth, we believe and apply His Word. This is called faith. When we experience the positive outcome we come to trust and love Him more.

The Commandments are not some type of sinister test. Because we are created in His likeness and image we have freedom of choice. All things in this world work around the principle of light. Darkness cannot overtake light, but in the absence of light darkness prevails. That which brings joy and happiness brings sorrow when it is absent. That which brings peace allows chaos when it is not present. Likewise, in the absence of life and blessing, death and curses emerge. But the unique factor is the choice is always ours.

God’s love for us is preemptively revealed in the fact He told us what would bring life and warned of what would bring death. Faith isn’t what we do to get God to act on our behalf. Faith is what we do because we believe God. It is our response to Him in full expectation of the benefits. Click here for more information about my series, The Supernatural Power of Making Decisions.

In an environment where everyone gets what they choose or, by default, what they fail to choose, God’s Word is His wisdom for success. It tells us what to choose. When we choose life and blessing the Scripture is clear that we must choose the wisdom of His divine prescriptions. To learn more about choosing life and blessings click here to watch this week’s free online CyberChurch message: Your First Impulse is Life or Death.