Quote for Blog - 031416The Bible teaches us about the positive power of associations. God directed the Israelites to stack stones by the Jordan River and every time their children asked about the stones they were to tell the story of deliverance from Egypt and their crossing the Jordan into the Promised Land. Eventually, every time an Israelite saw those rocks they would associate them with the story of God bringing the children of Israel out of Egypt and into the Promised Land. The association created a trigger. A “trigger” is just that – a memory, thought or association that triggers our thoughts and emotions causing our brain to release all the hormones, neuropeptides and other neurochemicals associated with the memory. They were to do these same things by writing Scriptures on the doorposts and walls and on pieces of jewelry. The memories they recalled of God’s deliverance would trigger feelings of safety and protection by God and they would trust Him! In my series, Freedom from Emotional Debt, I’ll teach you to create new associations that trigger faith and confidence instead of fear and dread.

The people and situations that “get to us” are those that trigger negative emotions from some past event. This is what causes us to overreact or become irrational. This is when people in our lives today are forced to make payments on our emotional debt. Until your pain of the past is resolved it will always emerge when triggered by a person or circumstance and drive your behavior in ways that make no sense. This is a very mild form of PTSD. Join me in Impact CyberChurch and I’ll equip you with tools to discover Spiritual Healing for PTSD.