While we never want to minimize the incredible service these great leaders are bringing to America, their success cannot be the basis of our sense of self or our sense of success. I believe all of these men would say the same things to you. Have value for what you do. Treat your ministry as special. Be faithful in what you have the opportunity to do. To whom much is given, much is required. Treat your church of 50 like a church of 10,000 and it could be one. Prepare every sermon like you are preaching to the masses. Most of the very successful leaders I have known treated every phase of their growth as important. Their sense of importance didn’t come from the size of their church. Rather, it came from their sense of divine purpose. If all the small ministries gave up, America would fall into a spiritual dark age.

Never minimize what you are doing. This is your moment in destiny. All you can do is be a good steward of the opportunities that come to you. One day you will hear, “Well done thou good and faithful servant.” It will not be based on the size of your church. It will be based on what you did with your opportunities and how you responded to those opportunities will be based on your sense of divine significance!

In the end, your sense of what you do will be determined by your sense of who you are in Jesus. The glory of God you bring to your ministry will flow out of the knowledge of Christ in you. The glory of God you expect to manifest in your ministry will be proportional to the glory of God you feel in your heart. Read Entire Article

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