“Through your culture (tradition), you will make the Word of God of no effect” Mk. 7:13.

Have you ever considered who or what has shaped your concepts of God? Cultural ideas are often exalted above God’s Word because they make sense to us. Paul said to the Galatians, “You’ve made Christ of no effect in your life. You’Where do we Get our Ideas About God?re on your way to Heaven, but religious concepts prevent Christ from changing your life.”

The church has made God out to be a schizophrenic with conflicting teaching that says, “God may kill you today, but if He’s in a good mood, He may heal you tomorrow. God will prosper you, but if you get too much, He’ll take it away to keep you humble.” You find yourself scared & wondering, “Who are you today, God?”

The apostle Paul said he had to let go of everything he thought he already knew about God in order to truly know Him. Paul knew the law better than anyone. If he said that’s what it takes, then we’re wise to heed his instruction. You can commit to knowing God for yourself today, “God, “I won’t believe anything about You until I find it in the Bible for myself. I’ll consider what I hear, but I’ll first determine if it’s consistent with Your Word, Your names, & what I have through Jesus before I believe it.”

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