...partaking of God’s life always makes us feel adequate, qualified and sure that every need is met in Him.A person can only be tempted and seduced when they feel lack, which is often experienced as inadequacy, not being enough or not being qualified. When we do not believe we are who God says we are, we have what God says we have, and we can do what God says we can do, we look for something to fill that emptiness. Since the problem is rooted in not trusting God, we don’t look to Him to meet the need, we go to the world. As we indulge in the compromising, degrading deeds of the world’s system we feel more lack and more distance from God!

The serpent planted the seed in Adam and Eve that they were not really like God. Because they entertained the lie they sought to find the quality of life God offered through knowledge instead of through God Himself. This is the way of the world’s system.

The Hebrew word for “naked” has several implications like “vulnerability”, “exposure” and “shame.” But the most destructive aspect of the word is “lack.” They had always been naked. They were not hiding from God because they were naked; they were hiding from God because they felt lack: they judged themselves inadequate and unqualified to commune with God.

JOIN ME this week and discover the secret of partaking of God’s life which always makes us feel adequate, qualified and sure that every need is met in Him!

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