quote-for-blog-102116The word conscience means dual or co-perception. We interpret the world around us from two perspectives: what does the Word of God written deep in our heart imply and what does our soul or mind say. When these two do not agree the conscience is conflicted and causes inner distress. This is why the Apostle Paul said that the purpose of all instruction is love from a pure heart, from a good conscience, and from sincere faith. God wants our minds to harmonize with the truth written on our heart! With the written Word we renew our mind so we have the capacity to align our thoughts and opinions with God.

The discomfort people feel when they violate their conscience is what most assume to be the conviction of the Holy Spirit. This subjective logic is why people think conviction is hard and painful! But conviction or convincing us of the truth is what the Holy Spirit does when we have violated our conscience, i.e. when we are deceived. He wants to lead us out of the place of pain and deception, caused by our own conscience, and back to the place of peace. This is what it means to let peace rule in our heart! Our conscience indicates we are on the wrong path; the Holy Spirit leads us back to the paths of righteousness.

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