Quote for Blog - 080516The eternal battle that has existed since Lucifer rebelled was simply this: who’s telling us the truth, God or Lucifer? At first glance this seems pretty easy to spot; but, in more areas than most of us are aware, we believe things about God, government, man and how to live life that are Luciferian concepts. I don’t recognize this eternal struggle until I see it as a choice between the Bible or science, the government or the Bible, the child psychologist or the Bible, the economic adviser or the Bible… I’m sure you’re getting the picture.

The eternal lie from which all heresy, secret societies, occult, cults, humanistic philosophies and governments seek to operate is this: the Creator, God, is a tyrannical controller who seeks to keep us enslaved by His moral, ethical and economic standards. According to the occult, Lucifer brought light or knowledge to man in the Garden and freed him from the ruthless Creator, God! Lucifer was claiming to be the author of light, i.e. a source of knowledge whereby we can live that isn’t rooted in God’s Word!

The word angel literally means messenger.  Messengers of light present knowledge, revelation and insight that is inconsistent with or in opposition to God’s Word. Paul said they are deceitful workers, disguising themselves as servants of righteousness. No matter how great it sounds, if it isn’t rooted in and confirmed by the Word of God it’s a false light. CLICK HERE to join me in Impact CyberChurch to understand the subtle workings of Angels of Light: Authors of Deception.