Faith is not blind; faith is when we see more clearly than ever before!

Faith is not blind; faith is when we see more clearly than ever before!“Walking by faith, not by sight” (2 Cor. 5:7, KJV) is where our religious teaching kicks into overdrive, telling us that faith is blind, to just shut our eyes and take a leap of faith. This is an absurd concept because faith is not blind at all. Faith clearly sees what the natural mind or the unbelieving heart cannot see. Thayer’s Greek Lexicon says the word “sight” is clearly speaking of outward appearance and indicates that faith is being sure, fully persuaded, and immovable. The deep assurance of faith, in actuality, perceives God quite clearly, based on His testimony of Himself.

Jesus took a handful of common men and women who had lived under the yoke of oppressive, religious legalism, and by finding freedom in Him, they turned the world upside down. The reason they withstood such violent persecution was twofold: first, they knew the Scriptures; therefore, their faith was built on the objective proof of God’s Word. Secondly, they had personal, intimate involvement with God through the Lord Jesus after His resurrection.

There are three core factors for immovable faith which must be present at the same time if you are to enter in and live this Kingdom life: quality seed, quality soil, and nurturing for growth. Every challenge you face in this life can be faced as an overcomer, based on your absolute knowledge and confidence (faith) in the written Word of God, His consistent, loving, and generous nature, and His unlimited resources.

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