The Ultimate Revelation of God

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Every problem between God and man is rooted in a problem with perception. When we perceive God to be different than He is, we cannot have a meaningful, honest, intimate relationship. The only cure for this problem of perception is a revelation of the character, nature, and person of God.

In The Ultimate Revelation of God, you will discover:

  • Any revelation of God that is not from Him cannot be trusted.
  • An opinion about God is not a revelation.
  • A revelation about God will always be accompanied by a manifestation.
  • Knowing God’s character is more important than knowing His actions.
  • There are definite steps you can take to open your heart to a revelation.
  • You can prepare your heart and know God will reveal Himself to you.
  • God provided a way for you to have The Ultimate Revelation of His identity.
  • You will see God clearly as He is and everything about your life will shift!
The Ultimate Revelation of God

When we really know who God is we can be sure of what He will do.

Seeing Him as He is, is the foundation of our faith, our strength in times of trouble, and our deliverance when all seems to be failing.