The Glory of God in You

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For centuries, believers have cried out to see the glory of God, not realizing that we have the opportunity to see and experience the glory of God in ways that were never witnessed by Israel, the prophets, or the patriarchs!

The ultimate expression of God’s glory is not in a cloud, a fire, or any manifestation in nature. The ultimate of God’s glory is in His character and nature. The fact that He is loving, merciful, kind, forgiving and faithful is His ultimate glory. Jesus manifested the glory of God in every loving deed and word. The world saw the glory of God in Him. The world was drawn to God by what they saw in Jesus! Christ in you is the hope of the glory of God in the earth today.

In this eye-opening series you will be able to:

  • See and grasp the glory of God in Jesus
  • Have your eyes open to see the glory of God in yourself
  • Recognize the glory of God in others
  • Manifest the glory of God to the world through you
  • Discover that glory of God imprinted on your DNA
  • Experience the power of effortless transformation by the glory of God
  • And much, much more…

Once you know where to look, you will see and experience the glory of God and its transforming powers everywhere you look. This series will change the way you see God, your fellow man and yourself!

Watch this week’s message, Magnifying Christ in Me, below:

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