Firemen don’t start fires; they show up to put them out!

The brokenhearted need to know God hasn’t left nor did He cause the problem.When your heart is broken, you need to know God is there to help you—not to watch you suffer because He created the problem. The Bible says God is “near to those of a broken & contrite heart.” It doesn’t say that we need to be broken for God to draw near. The brokenhearted need to know God hasn’t left nor did He cause the problem. A popular Christian theology teaches that God uses suffering to teach & develop us, but this same logic concludes the firemen are the ones starting the fires!

The common explanation among Christians is that God allows or causes things to happen in order to advance His Kingdom. The only problem is, the Bible doesn’t say, “let suffering have its perfect work.” It says, “let patience have its perfect work.” The Bible says God is the God of all comfort, not the God of all torment. Who do we run to if God caused the problem? We wonder why God’s doing it & stop looking to Him for help.

Maybe you’ve had heartache, pain, & suffering, & wondered if it was from God. James 1:13 says, “Don’t say when you’re tempted, tested, tried, or scrutinized that it’s from God.” The minute you believe this, your heart attempts to protect itself from the perceived danger, & you can’t receive His Comfort or His Wisdom for putting out the fires in your life!

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