…This is what happens when we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we do things that our personal beliefs and limitations would normally stop us from doing. It wasn’t natural for Peter, who loved the approval of man, to stand up to the very leaders who crucified Jesus. But being filled with the Spirit, he boldly preached the word to them in the book of Acts.

Stephen faced death without fear. When persecuted and threatened, the entire church proclaimed the word of God with boldness as a result of being filled with the Spirit. And so it is with us! When we are filled with the Spirit we do that which our fears, beliefs and boundaries would normally stop us from doing.

The Holy Spirit primarily leads us by “influence.” It’s not always words that God speaks to our heart. More often than not, it is influence and impressions. Any time we “feel the urge” to do something Godly like worship, witness, pray for someone, encourage or just turn right instead of going straight, we are having the opportunity to yield to the influence, or as the King James English would say, be filled with the Holy Spirit.

We tend to resist this influence because we don’t think we will be able to do the things He is influencing us to do. That is, however, the beauty of yielding to God and being led of the Spirit. The moment we say ”Yes,” those things that limit us begin to drop away. We experience the power to act!