Quote for Blog 4Of all the toxic, faith destroying, self-assassinating emotions, unworthiness is probably the worst. In the parable of the sower we are told that Satan is the first to steal God’s word. The word “Satan” means accuser. From this we understand that “accusation” is our first and greatest enemy.

Since we have no biblical basis to think that Satan can actually speak into the mind of a believer, we must assume that the accusation comes from our own thoughts. In other words, when we don’t know or believe the truth about what we have in Jesus, we will believe Satan’s lies, “You’re not worthy, God doesn’t love you.” or lies like “God is angry!”

The New Covenant is about what we have because of Jesus. When we believe that He died for us and was raised from the dead, leading us to surrender to Him as Lord, we are born again and baptized into Him. From that moment forward we do not receive from God based on what we deserve; we receive from God based on what Jesus deserves. In other words, we are qualified because we are in Him (Col 1:12). This is what it means to have faith in Jesus!

In my new series The Supernatural Power of Making Decisions, I will teach you how to test yourself to determine if you really feel worthy of God’s blessings and what to do in the event that you don’t! So many times, we consciously say we are worthy, but on a deep subconscious level we don’t believe it.

making decisions CDWhen we believe on Jesus as our “everything” the issue of righteousness is settled. If He is our righteousness there can be nothing greater to qualify us for all the promises and blessings of God. Join me in our CyberChurch message, What I Look Like In My Dreams, and discover more about seeing and experiencing yourself qualified and living in your dreams!