Quote for Blog - 080216The ultimate reality is that all is done in and through the Lord Jesus, which we share because we are in Him! Jesus is the focal point of eternity. He is the ultimate expression of God in the earth. He is the way, the truth and the life. All that we need for life and godliness is already given to Him and we are in Him so we share in His inheritance. So, the two great realities are what did God give Jesus at the resurrection and do I believe that I share this in Christ?

Over recent decades teaching about the in Him realities have emerged, but the heart was left out. So, like most truth that could bring us life, it just became dead knowledge that we attempted to grasp with our intellectual mind, but the natural mind cannot take hold of the life of God.

The truth of the in Him realities is light but it isn’t life. Jesus is the life. We don’t partake of that life just because we embrace the information. The light leads us to the life and points us to the true Source. In prayer we connect with Jesus and partake of the life that is in Him!

The question is, will we focus our heart, mind and imagination on Him and His provision until it is more real to us than anything we perceive with our five senses? Will we pursue a prayer life that connects us with Him until we lose ourselves in His reality until it becomes our reality?

Prayer is where we become intimate with Him… all He is and all He has accomplished. It is not a dead work or obligation, it is a connection like we have with anyone we love. CLICK HERE to join me this week in Impact CyberChurch and discover the reality that is found by losing yourself, In Christ: The Only Reality!