How to Have the Perfect Life Series


This series will equip you to bring balance and abundance to your life. It will add quality to every area of your life and give you insights that will change the way you experience life.

(6 Messages)



The perfect life isn’t flawless; it’s one that has been perfected by God’s great love and generosity! Through the Lord Jesus, we have the promise of every need met. Jesus Himself said, “I have come that you might have life more abundantly!”

The perfectly abundant life is full in five areas: spiritual, emotional, relational, financial, and physical. To obtain this goal, we must know how to balance all of those areas of life. Because we tend to focus on the wrong things, we fail to experience what Jesus died to give us, causing our lives to be stressful and chaotic.

When our life is complete, we can live in peace. We can focus on what is essential. It’s in this environment of abundance that we make our life count. This series will equip you to bring balance and plenty to your life.

  • Discover the key to spiritual wholeness.
  • Conquer reoccurring pain and sickness
  • Learn to connect with people emotionally
  • Find financial balance
  • Experience God’s reality in the middle of trouble
  • Learn the secret of emotional stability
  • Discover how relationships affect the aging process
  • Get a new perspective on prosperity

This six-message set will add quality to every area of your life. It will give you insights that will change the way you experience life. You will see that the perfect life is within your reach!

(6 Messages)

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