A Safe Church in a Hurting World Series


In a safe environment, people grow in love and acceptance and can easily identify and work through life’s issues.

(5 Messages)



The world is hurting and has no place to go. There are over one hundred million unchurched people in America, most of whom have had some involvement with church. Anyone of us could fall into that category at any time. As people become disillusioned with the church, they fail to realize they are usually becoming disenchanted with God.

We need to identify the characteristics of a safe church. Equally important is the need for us to be safe Christians where people can find the help they need to grow in a secure environment of love and acceptance. People can easily identify and work through life’s issues when they feel safe, but quickly fall into lying, denial, hypocrisy, and judgment when they don’t.

This powerful five-message series will help you:

  • Learn to be a part of a church without giving up your dream
  • Identify a safe church
  • Learn to live without the church mask
  • Find the freedom to work through your issues without fear of rejection
  • Accept people who are facing personal problems
  • Influence people around you for Jesus through your life
  • Become a safe Christian

(5 Messages)

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