If you believe it, you will do it!

If you believe it, you will do it.Abraham, according to Hebrews 11, is the father of faith. He believed God, and because he believed God, he obeyed. Faith-righteousness doesn’t mean that just because we believe we’re righteous obedience isn’t important. Faith without works is dead, and those works are always obedience to how we are to live and treat people. In fact, the words “believe” and “obey” are virtually synonymous in the Hebrew language.

Hebrews 11 is a list of those people who, under the Old Covenant, lived by faith. Faith has always been the goal because faith is trust that brings us into a relationship in which we communicate and have fellowship with God. When we have faith (trust) in God and desire to walk in relationship with Him, we experience a righteous heart.

Whatever you’re doing in your life, your marriage, with your kids, with your health or finances—good or bad—you’re there because of what you believe. You believe those things and the way you’re doing them will bring you happiness, fulfillment, peace, etc. You may have shame afterward, you may regret it or wish that you hadn’t done it, but you still did it because of what you believe. Make your intention to have a righteous heart through believing, trusting, and walking with God and discover how to find divine life!

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