One of the most commonly asked questions I have received over the last twenty plus years is, “If Jesus has done everything for us, how do I pray!” The New Covenant is more than just the back half of your Bible, it is the changing of everything. There are better promises with completely different qualifying factors. Everything about relating to God changes because the Covenant/contract has changed. The old and New Covenant are full of the same words: faith, righteousness, sanctification and prayer just to name a few. However, although the words are the same, their meaning and application are radically different.

All prayer must be based on the finished work of Jesus. We can’t follow the model of the Old Covenant believer. They had a different agreement. Because we have ignored the finished work of Jesus, we look to the Old Testament to understand prayer. The result is not only a denial of faith, but a subtle promotion of legalistic endeavors that take us away from New testament faith, the promises of God and the cross of Christ.

In the new series, New Covenant Prayer, you will

•    Break free from the drudgery of legalistic prayer
•    Experience the limitless power of the prayer of faith
•    Never wonder about the will of God
•    Revolutionize your communion with God
•    Have a prayer life that really works

New Covenant Prayer will bring an end to boring, regimented endeavors to and will launch you into a life of natural flowing prayer!

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