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September 2021

Jesus taught that we find that which we seek. That statement has a much deeper meaning than we realize. To seek anything means we are looking for “it” with the expectation of what we will find. Therefore, seeking is based on hope or fear. Hope is the expectation of a good outcome; fear is the expectation of a bad outcome.

These expectations are experienced as reality but are actually our personal perceptions. The person expecting a bad outcome will see all the possibilities of a bad outcome, thereby experiencing the outcome they expected. The person expecting a good outcome will experience a good outcome.

Our past experiences of hope failed or expectations fulfilled shape our heart’s expectations of fear or hope. Our repeated experiences make us optimists or pessimists. When we come to Jesus, we are to die to everything we were, our every way of thinking, and become teachable. This is what it means to accept Jesus as Lord! He becomes our source for understanding all aspects of life.

One of the places we succumb to hopelessness is when we read the Bible, particularly when reading about end-time events. For example: even though the Book of Revelation reveals many things that will come on the earth, that is not the point or purpose of the book. It is a revelation of Jesus, not so much the end-times.

So many believers refuse to read end-time prophecies. Why? It is difficult to see anything but the bad! One might ask, what is God’s reason for providing end-time prophecies? Those who do not trust the loving nature of God tend to think end-time prophecies are the threats of an angry God. Therefore, they find what they expect: fear and discouragement. But God has made it clear hundreds of times that fear is not His goal!

I was recently contemplating the Book of Ezekiel. God warned the Israelites they were going into captivity. The details of Ezekiel’s prophecies are so accurate that pseudo-intellectuals try to convince us that several authors wrote the book over thousands of years. In other words, God is a liar, and the Bible is a sham!

Ezekiel prophecies that 2500 years later, Israel will return to its homeland, which happened in 1948. He foretells about the nations that will align with Israel and those that will oppose and oppress. He describes the rise of the antichrist and the nations who follow him against Israel in great detail. The details are beyond amazing.

So why does He do this? Obviously, this gives people time to prepare! But the more important benefit falls on us who are alive at the time of these cataclysmic events. After detailing thousands of years of incredibly specific world events, He foretells the return of Jesus.

We have thousands of years of history proving the reliability of every Word of God. Therefore, we can find hope and confidence in the fact that Jesus will return, we will meet Him in the air, and when He comes back to conquer the antichrist and destroy his armies, we will return with Him and eventually rule and reign with Him! Then, after 1000 years, the eternal heavens and earth will be formed, and we will abide with Him forever in New Jerusalem.

Unfortunately, many believers become overwhelmed by all the bad things that will happen and never consider all the good things. Once we determine and persuade our hearts that God is good and only good, it becomes second nature to live in hope, confidently expect the good things rather than living in dread of the bad things.
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We must know the character and nature of God, and we must be able to hear His voice if we intend to live and overcome in these dark times.

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